Holiday Promotions


We at Fidelis Interactive have studied the way mobile devices have changed the way marketers deliver relevant promotions. The importance of mastering the channel is fact based; in 2015 traffic on mobile devices surpassed desktop. With this permission to engage comes a brand’s responsibility for delivering compelling and relevant experiences. SUNation a regional installer of solar panels uses mobile in a manner consistent with their core objective. SUNation’s only goal in the mobile channel is to create curiosity. The offer directs customers to a place where they can begin to learn more and to easily take advantage of a high value promotion or discount offer. A clean experience aimed at taking the mystery of out of pricing and installation options. A simple experience based on a critical insight; take out fear uncertainty in doubt. And as a considered purchase the aim of the campaign is to generate interest not necessarily closure. That is turned over to the capable hands of a sales team for something as considered a purchase as solar panels.

As the need for immediacy and closing sales in a few quick clicks goes up so then does the sophistication of search engine return pages or “SERP’s.” Spring, an online provider of high end apparel knows that mobile SERP’s need to be highly optimized and make recommendations as well as find it in the right size and color so that the transaction is done in one click. The dream we all dream is to identify,when you search if you are a customer or a prospect. Then we can answer the question; should the search result content be aimed at retention or acquisition. If that’s the dream what is the reality? Kissmetrics reports that data scientists, who control that data, are partnering with their UX brethren, who control the technology, to identify and analyze patterns in mobile search. How we hold, cradle and toss our devices around all provide input to create a better mobile search experience. Who says a drop down menu is the only way to view a shirt in a different color. Why not just a tap or a flick of the phone? No keyboard no problem! Marketers committed to deliver these innovative experiences are looking to solutions ranging from 3rd party apps, more advanced media targeting packages, and better targeted promotional offers.

Mobile promotions will continue to rise for holiday 2016. Based on history holiday promotions are critical for most marketers. Free shipping is more ubiquitous than ever starting earlier than ever year over year. Brand awareness promotions like sweepstakes and contests build brand awareness and add interest to social media conversations. Coupons and rebates are often the tie-breaker in retail and ecommerce There’s a lot at stake in creating the right tactical promotion plan for a key selling seasons such as the period between Black Friday and New Years. Not only, must the promotion move the needle, it must do so profitably. After the media cost, the cost of implementing a promotion can often be the next largest expense. In fact they can range in redemption costs from the millions for a coupon offer to just a few thousand for a social media sweepstakes promotion. Most promotion strategists agree that matching the tactic to the media channel produces the best results. A user generated content promotion such as a contest drives engagement on social media platforms and can reinforce brand value. A discount offer drives website volume and in most cases still provides the heavy lifting to drive sales.

For more information about how to approach your mobile promotion strategy and tactical plan for this year’s holiday season please reach out to us at Fidelis Interactive. [email protected].

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